Award Ceremony // Dance-Gala

The German Dance Award is the most prestigious prize for dance in Germany and has been awarded annually since 1983 as part of a festive dance gala. 

On October 15, the award ceremony of the German Dance Award 2022 will take place at the Aalto Theater in Essen. With a diverse program and international guests, the diversity of dance and the art of the award winners* will be celebrated. The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland invites dance enthusiasts and dance professionals to Essen for the award ceremony of the German Dance Award 2022. Information on ticket sales for the dance gala and the live stream can be found here.

This year's multifaceted program revolves exclusively around the award winners. Two pieces by Marco Goecke are part of the program. Lilith Hakobyan from the Staatsballett Hannover will dance the solo Tué to music by the singer Barbara, which Marco Goecke dedicated to Princess Caroline of Monaco in 2009 as a tribute to her many years of commitment to dance. Rosario Guerra and Louis Steinmetz, also from the Staatsballett Hannover, will also present Marco Goecke's duet Midnight Raga, whose title is based on classical Indian music.

Christoph Winkler presents his piece Coming together to the music of the composition of the same name by Federic Rzewski, performed by the international Zafraan Ensemble. Dancers from the Netherlands, Nigeria, New Zealand and Germany deal with the body in turmoil and explore the body's potential for protest.

In her performance Solange man unterwegs ist... (As long as you're on the road...), created especially for the occasion, Reinhild Hoffmann embarks on a journey into her artistic past and allows her work of the past decades to be experienced in the present.

The film WE LIVE IN A STRANGE WORLD - a dance film inspired by the speeches of Greta Thunberg by Christin and Carola Schmidt, created as part of the Chance Tanz funding program of the Aktion Tanz association, will be presented as an example of the association's work.

Siham El-Maimouni, moderator at WDR, will accompany the audience through the evening.

Impressions of the German Dance Award Ceremony 2021

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, the German Dance Award 2021 was presented in a festive dance gala at the Aalto Theater in Essen - the highest award that dance in Germany has to bestow.

Heide-Marie Härtel of the German Dance Institute Bremen honored with the German Dance Award 2021 / Honors for Ursula Borrmann, Claire Cunnigham, and Adil Laraki.

The gala presented artistic contributions in line with the dance background of the award winners and offered the audience a varied and unique program. Highlights of the evening included Reinhild Hoffmann's "Solo mit Sofa", which the choreographer herself rehearsed with Ksenia Ovsyanick, First Solo Dancer of the Staatsballett Berlin, and the Folkwang Tanzstudio with excerpts from the energetic "Auftaucher" by choreographer Henrietta Horn, who was artistic director of the Folkwang Tanzstudio together with Pina Bausch from 1999 to 2008. With "Écoute ... Chopin!" (excerpts), Susanne Linke took the stage in person with a prelude by Chopin as a thank-you to prize winner Heide-Marie Härtel.
The Aalto Ballet performed "Many a Moon" by choreographer Armen Hakobyan, and the Stuttgart Ballet the Spiegel-Pas-de-deux from John Cranko's ONEGIN.
Choreographer and performer Claire Cunningham was unable to be on stage herself with one of her pieces due to a guest tour, so her art was celebrated with excerpts from recordings of "Thank You Very Much," "The Way You Look (at me) Tonight," and "Give Me A Reason to Live Evolution."
WDR presenter Siham El-Maimouni led through this impressive and special evening.

Moderatorin der Tanz-Gala 2021 Siham El-MaimouniPreisträgerin des Deutschen Tanzpreis 2021 Heide-Marie Härtel bei der PreisübergabeDie Geehrten Ursula Borrmann, Claire Cunningham und Adil Laraki (2021)Szenenfoto aus dem Beitrag "Many a Moon"Tänzerin Susanne LinkeSzenenfoto aus dem Programmbeitrag "Solo mit Sofa"Szenenfoto aus dem Programmbeitrag "Solo mit Sofa"Preisträgerin des Deutschen Tanzpreis 2021 Heide-Marie Härtel (mittig) beim Schlussapplaus