Since 2018, the award ceremony has been accompanied by an annual symposium that focuses on current social and (cultural) political issues. Under the title POSITIONS: DANCE, dance practitioners discuss in rounds of talks, on panels and in workshops.

POSITIONS:DANCE #1 The Future of Dance - Artists, Collectives, Collaborations (2018)
Here you can find the flyer of the 2018 symposium.

POSITIONS:DANCE #2 Ethics (2019)
Here you can find the flyer of the symposium 2019.

POSITIONS:DANCE #3 Conditions - Qualities of artistic working methods and working conditions (2020)
Here you can find the flyer of the symposium 2020.
Here you can find the documentation of the symposium 2020 as PDF.

POSITIONS:DANCE#4 Creating Access – Diversity (AT)

21st to 23rd October 2021 in Essen

Dance sees itself as a community-building art form. Nevertheless, many people interested in dance find it difficult or even impossible to access. At last year's symposium it became clear that the international dance scene may appear diverse, but it needs a good deal of awareness in terms of diversity. A structural white hegemony is just as noticeable here as in other areas of society. Therefore, the 2021 symposium will be dedicated to diversity and sensitization of the dance scene under the topic "Creating Access". In 2022, #Inclusion, another urgent topic, will be the focus of the symposium.

The symposium is already thought differently in its preparation: the curators are BIPOC- experts from the dance scene who will determine the topics and formats. The aim is to raise awareness, to uncover hidden or misunderstood racism, to deal with body images and culturally shaped views of dance. Urban dance, which is largely diverse, also plays an important role in this.

Further information will follow shortly.