POSITIONS:DANCE #3 - Qualities of artistic working methods


After "The Future of Dance - Artists*, Collectives, Cooperations" (2018) and POSITIONS: DANCE - Ethics (2019), the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland is planning the third symposium under the title "POSITIONS:DANCE #3 - Qualities of Artistic Working Methods" for 16-17 October 2020 in Essen.

The Corona Pandemic shows once again what unstable structures characterise the dance field. Both the social security of dance professionals and the production conditions in dance are proving to be extremely fragile and not very crisis-prone. The symposium should therefore not only help to describe the state of the dance field, but also to collect ideas for improvement and finally to find out what kind of cooperation and partnerships are needed. The aim is to bring the actors of the dance scene into a debate in order to discuss similarities and differences of the different fields of work and to stand up together for better working conditions in dance.


Der Dachverband Tanz Deutschland hat in Vorbereitung auf das diesjährige Symposium im Rahmen des Deutschen Tanzpreises eine Videoaktion gestartet, bei der Tanzschaffende zu ihren Arbeitsbedingungen befragt wurden. Schauen Sie mal rein!