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Raimund Hoghe receives the GERMAN DANCE AWARD 2020

For years, Raimund Hoghe has been one of the most important choreographers internationally, setting standards both aesthetically and politically. One of the driving impulses of his theatrical work is summed up by the choreographer and dancer Hoghe himself in a phrase by Pier Paolo Pasolini: "Throwing the body into battle". In his case, a body that does not conform to the norm or common ideals of beauty. His pieces react to the political trends of the time without ever losing sight of his own artistic signature: They are dedicated to explosive socio-political topics such as German history, diverse forms of exclusion or the current political situation, such as Europe's treatment of refugees. His works share an archive of common social experiences that viewers' own histories can join. Hoghe's artistic work insists on and has practiced inclusion and diversity for years without sailing under that flag. Hoghe collaborates with exceptional dance artists for his creations, in which dance and speech, music is heard and acted in a variety of ways. Since the 1990s, he has been shaping an aesthetic all his own and has pursued it with unique intensity and consistency ever since. His high art of attentiveness, of heightened perception, enables a new view of dance and is not least an incessant experiment with beauty. The Dance Prize 2020 honors a life's work of an artist who never tried to serve the system, but to change it with unusual courage and personal commitment.

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Friedemann Vogel

Principal Dancer and Kammertänzer at The Stuttgart Ballet

Few male ballet dancers of his generation have such a consistent artistic career and can look back on a comparable international career as Stuttgart-born Friedemann Vogel. He has been a member of the Stuttgart Ballet for over 20 years and is now a world star. His art and skills are in demand all over the world.  As a respected ambassador of his country, he has greatly influenced its ballet landscape in recent years.
Vogel excels in the great ballet classics as well as in the contemporary. Many important choreographers have created for him over the years. His great emotionality coupled with excellent technique is unparalleled. It is this combination that makes him such a special, unique dancer-performer. You take him for what he embodies - and that across all stylistic boundaries. With Friedemann Vogel, an artist receives the honor of the German Dance Award 2020 as an outstanding performer whose unparalleled drive is not only the perfection of ballet dance, but at the same time the great urge to always want to discover something new in dance.

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Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft (APiG)

Antje Pfundter has been working for many years in Hamburg as a contemporary choreographer with a very special profile that also reflects the social dimension of dance, through the themes of her pieces as well as through her way of working, always aimed at society and organized in society. She received her training at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Modern Theaterdans. In addition to her solos "eigenSinn" and "TIM ACY", which have been shown worldwide, she has been successful with many group and cooperation projects. Thus, she was invited several times to the Dance Platform Germany and was honored with the George Tabori Award in 2016.
Since 2012, in the team "Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft" (APiG), in addition to stage plays and productions with children and young people, she has also been developing innovative formats on the topic of hosting. For example, the TISCHGESELLSCHAFTEN (TABLE SOCIETIES), funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund, have been in existence for two years now, for networking, sharing resources and perpetuating knowledge exchange. Through her tireless efforts to improve cooperation between dance professionals, combined with her creative impulses, which in the best sense of the word transcend all disciplines and generations, she has already been able to realize much of what she once called a "sustainable self-empowerment of the scene" as the goal of her work.
For her artistic work and her multifaceted commitment to dance education, Antje Pfundtner and her company are to receive the honor of the German Dance Prize for "outstanding developments" this year.

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Raphael Hillebrand

The urban scene has never been represented in the umbrella organization of dance, nor in such honors. Raphael Hillebrand is German, raised in Hong Kong as the son of an African father and a German mother, a circumstance that still today leads people to discriminate against him. This should be mentioned here to honor his belligerence both for a meaningful contemporary dance and for an urban dance with a clear message: This belligerence is important for both the hip-hop community and the contemporary scene. To this end, Raphael Hillebrand has dared to step across borders and studied at the University of Contemporary Dance without ever denying his breakdance origins. His driving force remains the fight against the drawing of boundaries not only between the arts, but also between people who often want to see their demands on and views of the world formulated in a particular art form. His political involvement in the small party Die Urbane and his commitment to a dance that is not satisfied with streetwise rebellion and not with intellectual self-reflection fit together seamlessly in his work. We honor Raphael Hillebrand because, for all his charm and openness, he is an artist through and through, who recognizes in the body an engine that can only overcome the social imbalance in our society through courage.

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Video: Von der Straße auf die Bühne | "drehscheibe" vom 17. Juni 2020 




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