Dr. Adriana Almeida Pees

Dancer | Dance scholar | Cultural producer | Curator

Since 2017, she has been the artistic director and curator of the dance department at Theater Freiburg with a focus on internationalisation, networking, co-productions with various national and international partners. The German and Brazilian citizen was born in Minas Gerais and graduated as a solo dancer from the Escola Municipal de Bailados de São Paulo and the Royal Academy of Dance in São Paulo. She has worked as a solo dancer in various dance companies in São Paulo and Germany. As a psychologist, she graduated from the Faculdade Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU) São Paulo and earned her doctorate in the research field Technical-Poetic Foundations of the Performer at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas-SP (State University of Campinas - UNICAMP) at the Institute of Arts in the Department of Dance. As a guest lecturer, she has taught at various universities, dance centres and festivals in Europe and South America between 2008 and 2020. As a Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) teacher, practitioner and Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME), she has led the BMC training programme in Brazil since 2009 and in Uruguay since 2015. She is also a Master Trainer in Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®, Ladder® 1 & 2 and Jumping Slidding Board®, as well as Structural Bodyworker Anatomy Trains by Thomas Meyer, Brain Gym 1-2 and Craniosacral Therapist. Since 2004, she has been co-founder and co-owner, also co-manager of the international production office prod.art.br / interior Produções Artísticas Internacionais Ltda in São Paulo, which has so far realised about 50 cultural exchange projects in Brazil, South America and Europe.


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