POSITIONS:DANCE#4 Creating Access - Diversity

POSITIONS:DANCE#4 Creating Access - Diversity aims to make voices speak that are rarely heard in dance discourse and to strengthen non-elitist perspectives from different cultures. In order to address as diverse a German audience as possible, a hybrid program was conceived by the curators Nora Amin, David Kono and Mey Seifan. For this purpose, a space is digitally created in which friendly and unconventional encounters take place that grow beyond listening to lectures together. Dancers, choreographers, dance and cultural scholars, theaters, production houses and funding institutions are invited.

Anmeldung Symposium POSITIONEN:TANZ#4 / Registration Symposium POSITIONS:DANCE4

Um logistische und organisatorische Abläufe zu vereinfachen, bitten wir möglichst um eine Teilnahme an allen drei Tagen. / In order to simplify logistical and organisational procedures, we ask for participation on all three days if possible.